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Çayla Lokum Servisi

TGA  Advisor

Master Chef Deniz ORHUN

Agricultural engineer, chef, food writer, presenter, businesswoman and producer, born on 14 August 1974 in Ankara. He studied Agricultural Engineering at Ankara University, London College MBA, and Gastronomy/Cooking at Kendall College USA. Tetra Pak, Novartis, Merck Sharp & Dohme worked at Four Seasons Chicago and went to Sweden, Dubai and Brazil on various assignments. He represented Turkey at the Chicago International Culinary Festival and won the first prize. He has hosted a total of 1100 episodes of cooking programs and produced 800 of them. He has been running Klemantin Open Kitchen Bakery and Pastry House, of which he is the founder and chef, since 2008. He had the honor of serving many famous names, as well as the White House and the Republic of Turkey. He served as guest chef at the Presidency. He is excited to give clues to the new generation with the articles he writes for Food Time magazine. Some of the Television Programs: Kitchen Stories from Deniz 530 Episodes, Patisserie 200 Episodes, Ramazan Sofrası 30 Episodes, Deniz'le Ramazan Cuisine 30 Episodes, My Mother Says I Do It 80 Episodes.

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