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1.  Participation fees  Baskent UniversityIt is collected by  .

2.  To participate in courses and trainings, pre-registration is required by filling out the pre-registration form. The payment process of the fee is notified to the participant by TGA, depending on the quota status, and the payment of the fee is requested.

3.  Payments can be made by bank transfer or by credit card via virtual POS on the TGA website.       can be done.

4.  The fee for each activity varies depending on its content.

5.  Activities are carried out with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 20 people. In Gastro Shows, this number can be increased up to 200 people.

6. If the course number is less than 10 people, it is not possible to open a course. Participants who have made their payment will be given the right to participate in the next activity or a refund will be given to those who wish.

7. Participants are offered a free shuttle service for arrivals and departures from the routes specified below. (Route: National Library – Armada  – Kentpark – Gordion)

8. All participants will be given aprons throughout the course to be delivered later.

9.  Locked locker and shower facilities are provided to each participant.

10.All instructors are master instructors, owners of their own businesses, or experienced individuals with academic careers.

11. A 20% discount is applied to Başkent University academic/administrative staff and their first degree relatives.

12. 20% discount is given to Başkent University students, 15% discount to BAŞKENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION members, and 10% discount to graduate card holders.

13. 15% discount is applied to groups of 10 people, and 20% discount is applied to groups of 20 people.

14. An additional 5% discount will be applied to students of our University's Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department, Cooking Program, Tourism and Hotel Management Undergraduate and Associate Degree Department, Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

15. Bilkent University Alumni Association (BİLMED) members will receive a 15% discount.

16. The total discount rate cannot be more than 25%.

17. For those who attend and complete hobby (one week) and long-term professional training Capital    A certificate is issued by the university.

18. Participants who attend courses and complete 30 hours within 1 year are given a certificate of participation in culinary training at the beginning level by Başkent University.

19. The products produced during the course can be taken with them or consumed in the practice restaurant when desired by the participants.

20. Hot and cold drinks are served free of charge during the course.

21. Two people cannot work at a loom, except for spouses and children.

22. All consumables are provided free of charge by TGA.

23. Course-related documents are given to participants by TGA.

24. Course cancellation must be notified no later than 13.00 on the day of the course.

24. Since materials are procured for those who do not attend the course without informing them, it is not possible to provide a refund.

25. Prices include VAT.

26. Those who attend the courses are deemed to have accepted the "Rules of Participation".

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