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Registration Documents

  • Photocopy of Identity Card

  • Notarized Diploma Copy of the School They Last Graduated from for Graduates, Original Student Certificate for Those Who Continue Their Education

  • 4 Passport Photographs

  • Criminal record

  • Health Report (public hospital, private hospital or family doctor)

  • Nose-Throat Culture, Stool, Lung X-ray Report, HIV, Hepatitis B and C Tests (Hospital or Private Laboratory)

  • The receipt of payment


Note: Trainees who want to do an internship must keep a copy of their documents for the internship.



Registration Process

It is necessary to apply to Başkent University Thermopolium Gastronomy Academy (TGA) together with the registration documents and the payment receipt according to the payment alternative, fill out the Registration Form and Trainee Agreement and complete the final registration.

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